Turn 100’s of heads to see your brand. Every mile.


Head-turning, local advertising.

  • Professional design - even optional portrait

  • Installed at your location in an hour

    • No need to leave your vehicle in a shop for days.

  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free

  • Simple monthly payments

  • Discounted printing services for members - yard signs, fridge magnets, or anything you need.


  • Impactful large format

    • Long-lasting vinyl decals. Pro auto wrapping material.

    • Peels off with no damage or residue. Guaranteed.

    • We discourage magnets. They are small, unreadable in motion, collect grit, and blow away or wear out.

  • “Always looks good” guarantee means we repair, update, or replace AT NO CHARGE

    • “LOPEZ and DILLON INSURANCE” became just “LOPEZ INSURANCE” ? We’ll update your advertisement.

    • Changed your affiliation or phone number? We’ll update your advertisement.

    • Someone sideswiped your car? We’ll replace the entire graphic.

  • Fully managed service to rent the sides of employees’ cars (optional)

    • 1000’s more monthly impressions from your loyal employees and sales people

    • You set a rental rate and tell your employees

    • We check driving records, install, and handle payments so it’s an expense to you, not part of payroll


Fill out inquiry form

We send you a proof in 48 hours

We install at your location

We keep your advertising working as hard as you do. Call us if it is damaged or needs an update. No charge.

  • One side, no portrait $16 / month

  • One side with portrait $26 / month

  • Two sides, no portrait $35 / month

  • Two sides with portrait $45 / month


Increase your advertising ONLY with reliable drivers

Set a rental rate per month, such as $25

We provide you with a flyer to recruit loyal employees

They contact us.

We ensure they have a good driving record

  • We instruct them how to send us their official driving record, DMV’s DL-DPPA-1

  • Infractions? We confidentially decline their participation. We do not tell you.

  • No recent infractions? We inform you, and install.

We pay the employee.

  • We bill you a monthly program fee plus the rental rate you set. This avoids any payroll implications.

  • We pay them a space rental fee on a quarterly basis


  • One side, no portrait $26 + rental rate / month

  • One side with portrait $35 + rental rate / month

  • Two sides, no portrait $40 + rental rate / month

  • Two sides with portrait $50 + rental rate / month

Small Business Design Template

We are glad to re-arrange these elements. However, in our experience, this layout works best. Here’s why:

In motion or at a stoplight, a potential customer has to get your information in one second. So the design starts with the absolute essentials

  • Your Name (for personal businesses like real estate) or Business Name

  • An Icon to immediately represent your industry

A portrait (optional) is for personal businesses to convey trust and friendliness. And it turns heads.

  • Supply us with a professional photo of yourself.

  • Our artist staff will turn it into an avatar format, which presents you better in large format and adds an extra touch of approachability.

  • You will get to proof the avatar portrait !

Your logo and contact information go second. These give you credibility and can stick in the potential customer’s mind.

Your company name and slogan are last because they take the most time to read.